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Go for a truckride to spot some wildlife Woodleigh Station is a great getaway for team bonding Learn how to milk a cow by hand Apart from drought and flood, bushfires are another disaster we must face Cattle stay cool on this little island If you're lucky, you may meet a wallaby or kangaroo We've made Blunder Dam a wildlife reserve Men used to stay on overnight musters here Enjoy a juicy steak, fresh salad and homemade sauces on our Homestead tour You can see for miles from the top of Arthur's Seat Help feed the chooks It's important to look after our horses, because they look after us while we're mustering Learn to crack a whip like a real stockman Kangaroos naturally blend in with the landscape Visit Blunder Dam on the Station drive tour Depending on the time of year, you may see kiddy goats Check out the view on Woodleigh Keep your eyes peeled, and you may spot a goanna There have been over 120 bird species spotted on Woodleigh Feed the cows at milking time Help feed the pigs When we muster we put cattle in the yard Help out with yardwork, such as eartagging If you're lucky you may see chickens, ducklings or turkey chicks Walk through the original Woodleigh homestead, built in 1876 Milking the cow is an important job on the station Woodleigh tours and farmstays are perfect for small or large groups Kids have fun learning with our school excursions Get practical agricultural experience with yardwork like branding

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